Sunday VCD Karaoke Vol 138 Full Album Khmer song

Published by Kon Khmer
Category: Sunday Production Sunday VCD Khmer Song
License: Kon Khmer


SD VCD Karaoke Vol 138 | Khmer New Year 2014
 Album Title: Oun Bok Lahong Ban Cha Nganh
Release: March 2014 | Type: DAT

01. Sunday Production
02. Oun Bok Lahong Ban Cha Nganh - James ft Eva [Get It Here]
03. Kromom Loeung Kor - Kola [Get It Here]
04. Thom Thom - Meas Saly [Get It Here]
05. Chis Kong Mok Roim - Many ft Sreyneang [Get It Here]
06. Kmean Luy Kmean Propon Kar - Veasna [Get It Here]
07. Komlos Chres Chab - Linda [Get It Here]
08. Kar Heuy Vea Anh Jeng - Sreyneang [Get It Here]
09. Mae Propon - James [Get It Here]
10. Chnam Tmey Het Avey Srey Yom - Veasna [Get It Here]
11. Ban Lan Phlech Krobey - James [Get It Here]
12. Khernh Chet Neang Phong - Linda [Get It Here]


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