Chhinlong Wheels on Meals [1 End] Chiense Khmer Movie HD

Published by Kon Khmer
Category: Chhin Long Movie Collection A Mab Chinese Collection Chinese Movie
License: Kon Khmer


Thomas (Jackie Chan) and David (Yuen Biao) are cousins who run a fast food van in Barcelona. The food is delivered by Thomas, who rushes around the square on a skateboard. After fending off a biker gang they continue business as normal.

They go and visit David's father who is in a mental institution and bump into Sylvia (Lola Forner) who is the daughter of David's father's girl friend. Thomas encourages David to try to ask her out on a date and chickens out of this making the excuse she would have said no anyway.

Both Thomas and David are enamoured by her. But after allowing her to stay in their apartment that night, they wake to find Sylvia and their money gone. The next day, they bump into Moby (Sammo Hung), a bumbling private investigator who is also tracking Sylvia. They later discovered that Sylvia is the heir to a sizeable inheritance that a criminal gang is trying to steal from her. When she is kidnapped, Thomas, David, and Moby team up to save her, infiltrating the villains' castle and defeating them in a martial arts battle.





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