Town VCD Vol 43 Full Album

Published by Kon Khmer
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License: Kon Khmer


Town Production VCD Karaoke Vol 43
Album Title: Taeng Sechkdey Om Pi Puk
Album Artists: Narin, Khme, Sokun Therayu, Ly Evathyna, Anny Zam
Release Date: 03/August/2014

01. Taeng Sechkdey Om Pi Puk - Pich
02. Ler Louk Nis Khnhom Srolanh Mak Khnhom Jeang Ke - Sophea
03. Sere Besdoung Oy Trov Knea - Rayu
04. Nov Jam Tha Bong Jol Chit Nham Avie - Thyna
05. Khnhom Klach Hey Luy - Khem
06. Somtus Del Bong Projan Oun - Narin
07. Min Kit Yu - Anny
08. Jong Nov Liv - Rayu
09. Mok Srolanh Khnhom Mean Sur Songsa Khnhom Nov - Thyna
10. Besdoung Bong Min Ach Kmean Oun - Khem


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