Terrified Leopard Bites Man On Bottom

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 21 April 2014A leopard hid in the roof of a house in western India before launching an attack on petrified residents.Footage shows the cat emerge through the roof tiles after being spotted by locals in Ballarpur, Maharashtra.The villagers made a hasty retreat - but one man wasn't quite quick enough and felt a set of teeth in his backside.Another was attacked as people tried to corner the beast, which looked as scared as those fleeing.However, no serious injuries were reported.At the end of the 45-second video filmed from a nearby rooftop, the leopard can be seen trying to find refuge.Eventually it settles in a bathroom, peering out to see that no one approaches.India's Forestry Department has caught the animal and plans to release it into the wild.Such scenes are becoming more common in India as illegal deforestation reduces animals' habitat and forces them to wander around in search of food.Logging, earth-cutting and the extension of residential settlements and farmland into reserved forests and hillocks have also contributed.


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