RHM CD VOL 511 [Kromom 360] Full Album Khmer Song

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RHM CD VOL 511 Khmer New Year 2014 Album
Album Title: Kromom 360
Featured Artists: Preab Sovath , Sous Visa, Ouk Sokunkanha
Release: March 2014
Full Album: Get It All

01. Kromom 360 - Preab Sovath [Get It Here]
02. Pel Sroveong Terb Deng Jeas Roim - Sovath [Get It Here]
03. Propon Chanh Kon - Sovath [Get It Here]
04. Knong Khloun Ches Tae Yang Mech - Kanha [Get It Here]
05. Srae Srey Thom Som Neng Nangkoal Bong - Sovath ft Kanha [Get It Here]
06. Bong Som Jeh Moan - Sovath ft Visa [Get It Here]
07. Kbal Pous Hong Suy - Sovath [Get It Here]
08. Thom Thom Mles Neang - Sovath [Get It Here]
09. Pouk Mak Knhom Ban Propon Bang Phlet - Sovath [Get It Here]


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